Additional Summer Funding for 1Ls: Catalyst Public Service Fellowship Program (App Reopened and Due April 6)

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Eligible 1Ls with public interest summer internships in New York may apply to the Catalyst Public Service Fellowship Program, a program of the New York Bar Foundation.  Fellows will receive an additional $500 in summer funding (on top of the $4500 PILC summer funding stipend).


To be eligible, the applicant must work at least 10 weeks (35 hours/week) for a “public service employer,” defined by the New York Bar Foundation as “a New York State prosecutor, a public or not-for-profit agency which provides criminal defense or civil legal services for the indigent and/or representation in juvenile justice or child protective proceedings in New York State courts and the New York State Unified Court System.”  Please carefully note the Fellowship’s definition of “public service employer” and contact Sarah Hudson-Plush at if you have questions about whether your summer employer qualifies.


If eligible and interested, please provide: 1) a completed application form (found here); 2) a resume; 3) an unofficial transcript; and 4) a very brief letter or email from your summer employer confirming employment and number of weeks and hours you will be employed.


Please email your application to by April 6, 2018.  Three Fellows will be selected and notified by April 13, 2018.