Paid Term-time Teaching Position with Legal Outreach

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Legal Outreach is seeking dynamic and motivated law students from New York City’s law schools to teach interactive and fun law lessons to students from underserved communities throughout the city. Law students, as Diversity Pipeline Instructors, will be paid to work with Legal Outreach to teach a lesson based on The Queen vs. Dudley & Stephens to middle school students. Instructors turn the classroom into a courtroom, leading the students through the evidence to then argue as attorneys whether the surviving men should be convicted of murder. The lesson inspires students to become lawyers and motivates them to participate in a Summer Law Institute that prepares them for excellence at high school and beyond.

Instructors receive $25 per hour for training, travel, presentations, and follow up work. Instructors must attend a four-hour training and be able to commit to 3-5 hours per week from September through the middle of December, with an understanding that two of those hours will be office-based every other week. The role requires energy and enthusiasm in front of a classroom and a desire to stimulate debate. The role additionally requires the candidate to be comfortable with recruiting.

Diversity Pipeline Instructors will also have responsibilities related to the initiative outside of the classroom. Instructors must be able to commit to two hours biweekly at Legal Outreach’s office in Long Island City. During their office hours, instructors may contact schools to secure presentations, print out materials for their upcoming presentations, and get support from Legal Outreach staff. Fellows are also responsible for inputting data from their presentations within 48 hours.

Interested law students should send a cover letter and resume to Lindsay Kendrick, Assistant Dean for Diversity & Inclusion at by September 19, 2019.

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