June 8th: Furman Academic Scholars & Research Seminar for Future Academics Info Session

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Monday, June 8th || 1:00PM ET

This session provides information on two opportunities at the law school for those interested in pursuing legal academia.  

One is the Furman Academic Scholars Program. The Furman program provides intensive mentorship and support to participants in pursuing legal academia. This includes a seminar for the remaining two years of law school providing opportunity for scholars to workshop their writing, an assigned mentor on the faculty, and access to faculty intellectual events such as the faculty workshop. All rising 2Ls will be invited to apply to the program and with applications due on July 15th. We will describe elements of the program and the application.

Another is the Research Seminar for Future Academics, a year-long seminar students will write a publishable article with a faculty mentor in their field, begin putting together a research agenda, comment on each other’s work, learn about the academic job market, attend job talks, and, at the end of the year, “job talk” their paper. The seminar is ran as a collaborative writer’s workshop. Some sessions host other faculty who will talk about their works in progress, how they got started on their writing and their research path. It’s open to all who want to graduate with some substantial writing. 

These opportunities are in addition to the strong support we provide to all students interested in pursuing legal academia through our Academic Careers Program. If you are interested in this, we also encourage you to sign up for the Academic Careers Program’s listserv: https://www.law.nyu.edu/acp/registerwiththeprogram

Please register for the seminar prior to June 8th. Registrations will be approved the morning of the event.

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