Feb. 22: Morgan Lewis Diversity Scholarship for 1L and 2Ls

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The attorneys, legal personnel, and staff at Morgan Lewis represent a diverse mixture of backgrounds, ethnicities, and cultures. We are strengthened by this diversity. Morgan Lewis is therefore proud to present its Diversity Scholarship Program through the Morgan Lewis Foundation. Our intent is to promote diversity in the legal profession and thereby strengthen the profession and improve its contributions to our communities.

The Diversity Scholarship will be a gift, typically set at $20,000 for the second year of law school and $20,000 for the third year of law school, provided that the student remains eligible.


To receive a Morgan Lewis Diversity Scholarship, an applicant must be enrolled in New York University School of Law. The applicant must successfully complete the first year of law school, be entering the second year of law school with an anticipated graduation in 2024, and be of diverse ethnicity.

Directors from the Morgan Lewis Foundation will evaluate each applicant and consider such factors as academic achievement, financial need, work and life experiences, leadership, and non-academic contributions. The Morgan Lewis Foundation intends, in most years, to select one 2L applicant from each eligible school.

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