OPT – Your Mailing Address

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When applying for OPT, use an address that will accept your mail continuously from March through September. Law School residence halls will not hold mail for you after you’ve checked out of your apartment. Also, mail from the US government cannot be forwarded. Government mail that arrives after you’ve checked out is not held or forwarded but rather is returned to the Post Office for processing and is unlikely to reach you.

If you do not currently have an address to which mail service will be continuous from March through September, for OPT documents please use the US address of a trusted friend or family member (state your name and then “care of” plus the friend or relative’s address), or rent a mailbox with a street address (government mail will not be delivered to a P.O. Box)

A statement by United States Postal Service (USPS) tracking that mail was delivered to a Law School residence, means only that it was received at the Post Office’s Central Processing office (on Canal St.) and does NOT confirm actual delivery to the residence.

Because USPS tracking to the final destination is not available, Law School housing is NOT responsible for mis-delivered/missing mail.

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