RAs for Global Professors of Law Tracy Robinson and Angela Zhang (JDs, LLMs)

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The Hauser Global Law School Program is currently accepting research assistant applications for Global Professors of Law Tracy Robinson and Angela Zhang who are at NYU School of Law during the Fall 2023 semester. Further details can be found below. Research assistants must be NYU Law students. The hourly rate is $15.00 and the number of hours per week is flexible.

Please apply through Symplicity (or via email at law.global@nyu.edu) by Friday, September 22, 2023. Please also confirm that you are currently enrolled in Fall 2023 classes at NYU Law. Questions can be directed to law.global@nyu.edu.


Research Assistant for Global Professor of Law Tracy Robinson (JDs, LLMs)

Tracy Robinson

Symplicity ID #: 488988

Courses:  1L Reading Group: International Reparations, Family, Gender and the Law Seminar, Law and Development
Details: Tracy Robinson is working on a research project that is a part of a larger one on small state constitutionalism. Her focus is the small states and territories in the Anglo-Caribbean that are related through their histories of British colonialism, and two-thirds of which have populations under 200,000. Her project looks at conceptions of personhood, belonging and citizenship that form an integral part of their constitutional cultures and constitutional regimes.

Preferred Background/Experience: She is looking for a research assistant with some experience in constitutional law in a common law Commonwealth jurisdiction/s.





Research Assistant for Global Professor of Law Angela Zhang (JDs, LLMs)

Angela Zhang

Symplicity ID #: 488990

Courses: Guarini Colloquium: Regulating Global Digital Corporations, USALI Seminar: Chinese Law and Its Transnational Impact on the Global Economy

Details: Dr. Angela Zhang, a Global Professor of Law from the University of Hong Kong would like to hire a research assistant to help her with her research project on the regulation of artificial intelligence in China.  The selected candidate will also assist Dr. Zhang in preparing for her course “Chinese Law and Its Transnational Impact on the Global Economy” at NYU. To learn more about Dr. Zhang’s research, please visit her personal website: www.angelazhang.net.

Preferred Background/Experience: The candidate needs to possess excellent English writing and research skills and has a strong interest in Chinese law or artificial intelligence.  Knowledge about China is preferred but not mandatory.