RA for Global Professor of Law Susan Emmenegger (Deadline – June 30)

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The Hauser Global Law School Program is currently accepting research assistant applications for Global Professor of Law Susan Emmenegger during the summer 2021 semester. Further details can be found below.  Research assistants must be NYU Law students.  The hourly rate is $15.00 and the number of hours per week is flexible.  Only students who were enrolled in spring 2021 or summer 2021 classes are eligible to apply.  Students must be in the US to be considered for this position.


Please submit a resume and cover letter to law.global@nyu.edu by Wednesday, June 30, 2021. Please also confirm enrollment in spring 2021 or summer 2021 classes at NYU law and that you are based in the US this summer.


Susan Emmenegger
Course: Financial Regulation: International and US
Details:The project is to provide underlying research for a study on the extraterritorial application of U.S. sanctions law. The study will expand on an article by Susan Emmenegger/Thirza Doebeli entitled “Extraterritorial application of U.S. sanctions law”. The research will involve the follow-up of the cases analyzed in the article and the research on additional cases in U.S. courts. The student should be available for approximately 10 hours of work per week for one month. The Research Assistant will be required to search the databases for more case law and materials on the extraterritorial application of U.S. sanctions law, with a specific focus on jurisdiction based on effecting U.S. dollar transactions (correspondent account jurisdiction).
Preferred Background/Experience: Good knowledge of constitutional law essential; basic knowledge of comparative law, political science and philosophy of law a plus. Some knowledge of French or Spanish also a plus but not essential.