Deadline: 8/21 – Spanish for Lawyers for Fall 2019

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The goal of this course is to prepare students with intermediate Spanish proficiency to communicate in Spanish in a legal context. The focus of the course will be on serving low-income Spanish-speaking clients.  While students will be introduced to legal terminology and will become equipped with the substantive terms necessary to practice in particular areas of public interest law, such as housing, immigration, family, and criminal law, the course will also emphasize communicating with clients about complex legal issues and processes in familiar terms they understand. Thus, the course will be organized primarily around particular client interactions that lawyers encounter.

The course will be taught primarily in Spanish and will consist of paired, small group and class-wide discussions; role-playing; games; and some writing and listening activities. The course will also include translation exercises designed to simulate translations Spanish-speaking lawyers are commonly expected to perform in a U.S. context (e.g., translation of affidavits).

It is a 2-credit course, but these credits do not count towards your degree and are not factored into your degree G.P.A. The grade for the course will simply appear on your transcript with a ledger noting that it is inapplicable to your degree program. The class is open to all full-time and upper-class students (not including 1Ls). The course description is available here.

To be considered for the course, please do the following by Wednesday, August 21st at 5:00 PM:

Complete in English the Interest Questionnaire available here. Submit a written statement in Spanish to the Office of Global Programs at The written statement should describe your interest in the course, your past experiences learning Spanish, and the areas of law in which you are most interested. Please also include any specific legal career goals and how this course will help you achieve them. Statements submitted in English will not be considered.

Both items must be completed no later than Wednesday, August 21, 2019, for consideration to the Fall 2019 iteration of the course. You will be contacted by September 3 if selected for the class, and the approved cohort of students will then be registered manually by Records and Registration. The first class meeting will be Tuesday, September 10 at 6:00 PM.

Any questions regarding the intake process or Spanish for Lawyers, in general, should be addressed to the Office of Global Programs at

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