Legal Research Assistant Needed: The Coalition for Property Tax Justice (1L & 2L)

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Professor Bernadette Atuahene is seeking 1L and 2L law students to assist the Coalition for Property Tax Justice and conduct research for her book on Detroit’s property tax foreclosure crisis.

Since 2009, Wayne County has foreclosed 1 in 3 Detroit homes for non-payment of property taxes. We have not seen this number of property tax foreclosures since the Great Depression. More troubling, the City assessed between 55%-85% of Detroit homes at rates that violated the Michigan Constitution, putting vulnerable homeowners at an increased risk of facing tax foreclosure. For more information, read this NY Times op-ed:

The Coalition for Property Tax Justice is a group of a dozen nonprofits in Detroit that convened to stop the City’s ongoing over assessments. The Coalition has three founding objectives:

  1. Stop the City of Detroit’s ongoing over assessment of property taxes.
  2. Compensate Detroiters that the City over assessed, especially those who had their homes foreclosed by Wayne County following the City’s over assessment of property taxes.
  3. Stop the County’s foreclosure of owner-occupied homes until the City corrects its property tax assessments.

Research assistants help the Coalition achieve its objectives by providing legal research critical to advancing each of these objectives.

Research assistant’s earn $18/hr. Applicants must have stellar research and writing skills, the ability to work independently and meet deadlines. Please submit a cover letter and resume to Marie at as soon as possible.  Please indicate in your cover letter the number of hours per week and the time period during which you would be available to work remotely.