Mar. 22: Human Rights Under Surveillance

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Human Rights Under Surveillance

March 22, 5:00-6:30pm in Furman Hall Room 214


Mexico. Bahrain. Honduras. Libya. The news from around the world is clear: Human rights defenders are operating under an increasing threat of surveillance. The stakes have never been higher. Surveillance targets face extortion, forced detention, exile, and torture. Meanwhile, the companies selling this technology profit from its illegal use.


The Global Justice Clinic, in partnership with the Robert L. Bernstein Institute for Human Rights and Amnesty International, invites you to a discussion panel on the current state of affairs and the challenges posed in trying to hold corporations liable for their complicity in the surveillance of human rights defenders around the globe. This is a fast-developing area in both the legal and tech fields. The panel will include an open discussion on a variety of topics, including: defining digital harm, corporate accountability under international law, software attribution, and the potential procedural hurdles in litigating torts on a global scale.


Featured speakers include:

Danna Ingleton (Amnesty International)

Claudio Guarnieri (Amnesty International)

Meg Satterthwaite (Global Justice Clinic/Bernstein Institute)

Sukti Dhital (Bernstein Institute)

and members of the Global Justice and Tech Law & Policy Clinics at NYU


No RSVP required.

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