MORE TICKETS RELEASED – 11/8 One Year Under Trump: Solutions for Restoring Law and Democracy with Preet Bharara, Emily Bazelon, John Podhoretz, George Stephanopoulos

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Hosted by the Brennan Center for Justice


One Year Under Trump:
Solutions for Restoring Law and Democracy

6:00 p.m. – Check-in + reception with hors d’oeuvres
6:30 p.m. – Program


Location: Vanderbilt Hall


One year after the election of Donald Trump as president, this special program looks forward and asks: What can we do now? Trump has broken countless unwritten norms of democratic conduct meant to protect against corruption and abuse. In the past, reform often followed abuse, frequently in the form of new laws: the limit of presidential terms, anti-nepotism laws, the special prosecutor law, the War Powers Act, and many others. This panel asks what has been different about this presidency, and what should be the agendas going forward to check presidential power and curb oval office misconduct.


We mark the one year anniversary of Trump’s electoral victory with Preet Bharara, former US Attorney, Southern District of NY, Emily Bazelon, staff writer for New York Times Magazine, John Podhoretz, editor of Commentary, and ABC’s George Stephanopoulos for a public discussion of how to fortify our democracy in the Trump years and beyond.


Preet Bharara, professor, NYU School of Law; former US Attorney, Southern District of NY

Emily Bazelon, staff writer, New York Times Magazine; lecturer, Yale Law School; co-host, Slate Political Gabfest

John Podhoretz (photo coming!), editor, Commentary

George Stephanopoulos, anchor, ABC News (Moderator)


Light refreshments will be served.


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