Summer 2024 Judicial Intern Hiring Information – NY, NJ, DC, CA

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We have collected hiring information (including the timing of submissions and application materials requested) from various federal judges in NY, NJ, DC, and CA about summer 2024 judicial internships. The Excel file is available from your CSM/Symplicity account — please log into your CSM/Symplicity account before clicking this link. The file is located in the “Documents Library” and posted on the CSM homepage banner.

We will keep updating this information and will periodically post an updated file. New entries/information will be highlighted in green. Also, we would like to encourage you to check for job listings on CSM/Symplicity for judicial internship opportunities from judges in other jurisdictions across the country.

Complete address information for judges can be found on the “Clerkships” page of your CSM/Symplicity account.

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