RA for Center on Civil Justice (Fall 2022)

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Name of Professor: Center on Civil Justice (The Director is Judge Beverly Martin, but the supervisor will be David Siffert, the Research Director)

Location of Office and Phone Number: Wilf 511, 212-668-6664

Name of Professor’s Staff Assistant: Shirley Dang

Nature of Research: The Center on Civil Justice was created as a research and policy organization with a goal of improving the US civil justice system. We have several research projects that an RA might work on. We have an ongoing project to make currently privately-held data on class action lawsuits publicly available. We are constructing a document database for litigation funding and may ask an RA to help in its creation. We are also developing several new projects, including conducting data analysis on the effectiveness (and effects) of rules of civil procedure. In addition, we are open to project proposals by RAs (and RA applicants) that fit within the Center’s mission statement.

Can work be done remotely? Yes

Qualifications (be specific regarding class level: 1L, 2L, 3L or LL.M.): Any class level is fine, but some experience with data analysis is preferred (though not required).

Approximate Dates of Employment: Flexible

Approximate Number of Hours/Week: Flexible, both part-time (5-10 hours per week) and full-time positions available.

Materials to Submit for Application (Resume, Transcript, Cover Letter): Resume, transcript

Deadline for Submission: We are accepting applications on a rolling basis for Fall 2022.

Other: Please note that work will be supervised by the Center’s Research Director.

Please send applications to David Siffert at siffert@nyu.edu