NYU School of Law’s Timing Guidelines for 2Ls Who Participated in EIW 2019

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As some students may begin receiving offers from EIW employers, we wanted to remind you of our offer timing guidelines for all students and employers participating in EIW. Although it is still relatively early in the process, we are posting these guidelines to remind students of our expectations for you to communicate with firms from whom you receive an offer as well as our expectations of firms with respect to giving you time to make informed choices after EIW.  

14 Day Affirmation of Private Sector Employment Offers: Students should reaffirm interest in all employment offers at the 14th day following receipt of offer, provided the student has not accepted/declined the offer before that time.  For example, if you received an offer on Tuesday, August 13, you will need to affirm on Tuesday, August 27. We recommend that students calendar these important dates to ensure timely affirmations.

28 Day Timing Guidelines for NYU Law Students:Employers should keep offers open for 28 calendar days following the date of the offer letter, or until December 30, whichever comes first. If an offer was extended prior to the start of EIW, the offer should remain open for 28 days from the first day of EIW (August 5).

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