ABA Section of Taxation’s Transfer Price Mentorship Program (Tax LLM)

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In fall 2020, the ABA Section of Taxation’s Transfer Pricing Committee launched a first-of-its-kind mentorship program pairing graduate law (JD or LLM) and economics/finance students interested in transfer pricing with in-house corporate tax and transfer pricing leaders trained in law, accounting, and economics.  The broad goal of Transfer Pricing: Classroom to Boardroom is to educate and nurture a diverse and well-rounded next-generation of transfer pricing professionals by providing opportunities for real-world grounding and a cross-disciplinary view of tax and transfer pricing alongside their classroom studies.


After a very successful pilot year, pandemic notwithstanding, TP C2B will return in fall 2021, with a new cohort of motivated, mature students inclined toward international tax and transfer pricing.  I’ve corresponded about this in the past with Mitchell Kane and John Steines, and Mitchell suggested I share the information with you.  To be clear, it’s not an employment-related opportunity – the mentorship pairings are not intended to promote employment by the mentor’s company – but it is a professional development opportunity.


The PDF below and this video file describe the basics of the program and the application requirements, and the below Tax Notes article recaps last year’s program (and includes original work from the mentees).  Students are asked to submit their applications by September 15 to facilitate an October 1 start date for mentorship pairings.  Given the tight turnaround at the beginning of the academic year, we’d be grateful for any assistance you can provide in publicizing TP C2B to current students with an interest in tax.

ABA – Transfer Pricing Mentorship Program


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