Zoom Profile Updates – Preferred Name/Pronouns

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To: All Students
From: Michelle Kirkland, Assistant Dean for Academic Services and Registration
RE: ZOOM Profile Updates – Preferred Name/Pronouns


This is a quick update to let you know that the University has fixed the renaming function in Zoom.  See below the instructions to follow to change your name/ pronouns in Zoom.  Remember, you must be logged into both NYU Classes and NYU zoom for this to work.



Adding preferred name and pronouns to your Zoom profile

You can list your preferred first/last name and your pronouns to your Zoom profile so that, when logged in, this will be your displayed name in a Zoom meeting.

  1. Login to NYU Home and search for NYU Zoom.
  2. Under “Profile”, select Edit in the first section with your photo and name.
  3. Enter your First Name and Last Name as you would like it to be featured and add your pronouns in parentheses after your last name. Example: Chris Woods (he/him/his)
  4. Save Changes

After you save changes, your name and pronouns will be updated and show up as your display name for future Zoom Meetings, as long as you are logged into your NYU Zoom account. Alternatively, you can update your name and pronouns during each Zoom Meeting by renaming yourself in the participant list.


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