What to Expect for In-Class Exam Postponements and/or Accommodations

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Accommodated and Postponed exams are administered in rooms separate from the main exam room(s) used for the rest of the class.  All exams in Accommodated and Postponed rooms will start at the same time. However, please note that there are likely to be several different exam end times in the Accommodated and Postponed rooms.  Therefore, students may be asked to sit in the same area or rows in the classroom for a particular exam to manage the different end times.  Arriving in the exam room 30 minutes prior to the start of the exam is required for you to make your seating arrangements.

The Records Office provides Proctors in Accommodated and Postponed rooms with a list of students along with the student’s exam envelopes.  The list and envelope will contain the student’s exam #, the course title, allotted time.  The envelope will contain a hard copy of the exam questions.  Attached to each exam, there will be an attendance card, exam receipt, instructions for multiple choice (if applicable) and instructions in case of technical difficulties with a laptop.

Proctors will use the student list provided by the Records Office to manage the timing of each individual exam.  In order to avoid distractions in the room, Proctors will NOT make any announcements once exams are started.  Instead, Proctors will notify each individual student when there are 10 minutes remaining by showing them a YELLOW “10 MINUTES REMAINING” card.  Once the 10 minutes have elapsed, the Proctor will show the student a RED “STOP TYPING.  EXAM IS OVER.” card.  Once shown the RED card, the student should exit and submit their exam to Exam4.  All materials should be returned to the exam envelope, except for the exam receipt.  The Proctor will sign the exam receipt and give the same to the student for the student’s records.  The student will give the envelope and enclosures to the Proctor.

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