Summer 2021 Classes at NYU Law – Current 1Ls and 2L Can Register Starting Monday, March 1

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This summer, we have varied course offerings, and we know some1L and 2L  JDs may be interested in registering for the same.  This summer session was meant mostly for LLMs,  but we do have a few seats still available.  See the summer class schedule for more information.


Summer 2021 course registration opens to continuing  JDs (current 1Ls, current 2Ls)  on Monday, March 1 at 1:30 pm via COURSES.  This registration cycles runs through March 5 at 9:30am New York Time.  Results will be published on March 10.  Check the Registration Calendar for details and subsequent add/drop cycles.


Current 1Ls and 2Ls may take no more than six credits during summer 2021.  While students may initially see a charge for the summer course on their bursar account, the law school will post a corresponding credit to cover the associated summer 2021 charges (tuition and fees)  up to a  maximum of six credits.  As the classes will essentially be part of your flat tuition for fall 2021 and spring 2022, the maximum of 15 credits allowed in fall 2021 and spring 2022 semesters will be reduced accordingly.  (See the note on credit limits below.)


The first three summer credits will be attributed to the 15 credits maximum for fall 2021.  Meaning that a student taking three or fewer credits in summer 2021 will have their fall 2021 fifteen credit maximum reduced by three credits. For example, a student taking a three-credit summer 2021 class may take no more than  12 credits in fall 2021.  (i.e. 15-3=12).


Above three credits, there will also be a reduction to the spring 2022 credits allowed. Meaning, in addition to a credit maximum reduction in fall 2021,  a student taking more than three credits in summer 2021 will also have their spring 2022 fifteen credit maximum reduced.  The spring 2022 credit maximum will be reduced by the number of credits above three from summer 2021. No more than three credits can be reduced from spring 2022.   If you take a six-credit summer 2021 class, you may take no more than  12 credits in fall 2021  (i.e., 15-3=12) and 12 credits in spring 2022 (i.e. 15-3=12).


All summer 2021 classes will count towards the 83 credits required for the JD degree and can be used to satisfy specific degree requirements (i.e., Writing Option B  and Professional Responsibility).  All attendance, class participation, examination, and paper submission requirements will apply as per usual.


Note – Credit  Limits (Minimums/ Maximums):  

Students must register for at least 12 credits each semester in fall 2021 and Spring 2022.  Graduating students (i.e. current rising 3Ls) may request permission to take 11  or 10 credits in fall 2021 or spring 2022 as long as they remain on track to graduate.


The maximum credit load remains 16 credits with permission.  A student who takes three summer credits may take up 12 credits in fall 2021, with permission up to 13 credits in fall 2021.  In this case, the overall credit maximum for the semester remains 16 credits with permission.


Note – WD Grades

Students should be mindful of dropping a summer class by the last day of the summer class.  Drops after the last class will be noted as a WD.  WD credits are still part of your credit totals for flat tuition and will affect the number of credits you can enroll in for fall 2021 and/or spring 2022.

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