Requirements for the JD Degree

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As you continue to register please keep in mind these J.D. degree requirements.

You must take at least 12 credits each semester.

As noted on the Law School’s web site in the J.D. Regulations and Requirements section, students must complete the following in order to graduate:

  • A minimum of 83 credits. Please note that if you have taken a class outside of the Law School, check your transcript to see how many credits will be counted toward the J.D. degree.

  • First-year classes: Contracts, Criminal Law, Lawyering, Legislation and the Regulatory State, Procedure, Torts and a First-Year Elective.

  • Constitutional Law

  • Property

  • Professional Responsibility

  • Substantial Writing (can be satisfied by one Option A paper or two Option B courses).

  • Six (6) credits of Experiential Learning
    • Three (3) credits have been earned in Lawyering or Lawyering for Transfers.
    • The other three credits can be earned in clinics, externships, and simulation courses.

Information on the courses required for the J.D. degree can also be seen on our J.D. Program Requirements web page (Section B).

Information on the Experiential Learning requirement, including links to courses satisfying this requirement can be found on our J.D. Program Requirements web page (Section F).

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