JD Degree Requirements

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To: Rising 2Ls and 3Ls
From: Michelle L. Kirkland, Assistant Dean for Academic Services and Registration


Please review the JD degree requirements.

JDs earn 30 credits in the 1L year.  For the subsequent four semesters, they typically will take three semesters of thirteen credits and one semester of fourteen credits to get to precisely 83 credits – as required for graduation.

2Ls usually ease into the fall with 12-13 credits.

Remember, you can take a max of 15 credits each semester and a minimum of 12 credits each semester.  To obtain permission to take 16 credits or for 3Ls to obtain permission to take 10/ 11 credits in a semester, you must be on track to graduate.  Credit load increase/decreases requests should be submitted via COURSES during the appropriate dates – to be announced.  NOTE: Credit load increases will NOT be approved for the first bidding cycle in the fall or spring semesters (i.e., no credit load increase will be processed for the June  21-30 bidding cycle).

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