How to Conditionally Add/Drop via COURSES

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The conditional add/drop feature will allow you to drop class “X” if and only if you can get into class “Y”; you may allocate the points you paid for class “X” toward your bid for class “Y.”


Please see the following instructions on how to choose the conditional drop feature:

  1. When you open a bid window, you will see a link to conditionally drop a course from your existing registrations.
  2. Once the “Add Conditional Drop” link is clicked, a drop-down list of available registrations will appear.
  3. Select a course you wish to conditionally drop from this list.
  4. For 1Ls the elective course is the only course registration that may be dropped.
  5. Enter your bid amount and submit the same.
  6. Once the bid is created, it will show in your bid list.
  7. See the  How to Register with COURSES page for further details on conditional add/drop.
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