Hardship Credit/Fail

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As we approach the end of the semester we have had several questions about the Hardship CR/F.


  1. If you select the Hardship CR/F grade please be aware that the following ledger  will appear below the class on your transcript

“CR/F grade option was available to students in Spring 2021 because of the pandemic”


  1. We recognize that those of you who might consider exercising this option will want to have a clear sense of what effect taking the course credit-fail rather than for a grade might affect academic honors. For honors and awards, a credit grade (“CR”) is part of the computation. The CR compounds an existing GPA: It acts like a multiplier of one. GPAs are calculated out to the third decimal place. At the top of the class, the GPAs are very tight, and so a CR grade could have an effect on the availability of an academic honor or award.

Please note: that per Order of the Coif “ the 75% graded course requirement is suspended for graduating classes affected by P/F grading for online semesters and courses dictated by the Covid19 crisis.”


We hope this information is helpful as you make your decision. Best of luck with exams.


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