Full-time NYU School of Law Students Who Are Called for Jury Duty

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Full-time NYU School of Law students are eligible to request a deferment of their jury duty service. If you receive a summons for jury duty to serve when classes are in session, bring the original summons to the Office of Academic Services (J.D.s) or Office of Graduate Affairs (LL.M.s) no later than one week prior to the date your service is to begin.

We will ask you to fill out a short form requesting New York University to send a letter to the Court requesting a deferment on the grounds that you are a full-time student. We are able to write this letter for you as long as the dates of your jury service occur when classes are in session.
If you are summoned to serve jury duty when classes are not in session, such as during Spring Break, between the end of fall exams and the beginning of classes in the spring semester, or during the summer, you must request a deferment from the Court on your own.

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