Fall 2018 Grades

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We thought it would be helpful for you to be aware of the deadlines for submission of fall 2018 grades. The deadlines are listed below. They also can be found on our Academics Policies Guide web site.

Fall 2018 grades are due on the following dates in 2019:

January 16All grades are due for instructors who have 100 or fewer exams. Additionally, all first-year grades are due.
January 22All grades are due for instructors who have between 101 and 159 exams.
February 1 For instructors with 160 or more examinations, grades in one of the classes are due January 22 and in the other class grades are due February 1.

Once grades are approved by the Office of Records & Registration, they are posted to your record. Some grades have already been received and posted. Please keep in mind, though, that most grades are received on or close to the deadline. To see if any of your grades have been posted, please check your unofficial transcript in Albert.

Please continue to enjoy your break.

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