Virtual Exam Room

Platform: Zoom
Dates: December 8 -10, December 13-17, December 20-21
Hours: 8:00am – 12:00am midnight

Need help with exams before, during, or after the real deal? Or help with the practice exam? We’ve got you! Stop by the zoom room hosted by Law ITS during the day. For the night shift Academic Services and Student Affairs join to provide a one-stop help shop for both technical (it broke…) and procedural (what if?) questions. Hang out in the waiting room and we’ll bring you in as soon as we can take the next customer! Need some reading material while you wait? Take a look at our exams site!

Having trouble during your exam and can’t do Zoom?  Submit an issue to our Exams Help Queue.


Fall 2021- Exams 101 Workshop (Academic Services, Student Affairs, ITS)

Note: This event occurred Monday, November 29 at 1:00pm  Eastern


Fall 2021 Exam4 workshop

Note: This event occured Monday, December 6 at 3:00pm Eastern. To view the recording please visit the link below and enter the password given.

Meeting Recording:

Access Passcode: x282Tff?

Taking an in-class exam? Join Stef from Law ITS for a rousing session of how to make Exam4 your friend. Submit questions for the Q&A section of the workshop. Can’t show up to the live? No worries! The recording will be posted and a link sent too an inbox near you. Grab a snack and watch on demand.


Fall 2021 THES workshop

Date and time: December 8 at 3:00pm Eastern
Note: This event is being recorded

Have a scheduled or full period take-home exam in THES? Stop by the THES workshop and watch Stef show you how it works! A Q&A will be offered directly after the demo. Submit your questions early or bring them with you to the live! Can’t be part of the crowd? We’ll miss you, but you don’t have to miss us! Watch at your leisure once the recording link is posted.