Exam Period Begins on Monday, December 10

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The semester is drawing to a close and we hope that you had a wonderful semester. Now it is on to exams. Upper-class exams begin on Monday, December 10 and first-year exams begin on Wednesday, December 12.

Here is a brief checklist regarding exams.

  • Mark the date, time and location of your exams!
  • Understand the types of exams you are taking!

    • Take-Home – THES: Please see our Take-Home Examination web page for information regarding take-home exams and the Law School’s Take-Home Exam System (THES).
    • In-Class – Exam4: Determine whether the exam is closed book or open book and what materials you are allowed to bring to the exam room. Please see the Exam4 web page for information about the Law School’s in-class exam software.


  • Configure your laptop for wireless connectivity. Please refer to the information on the Law School’s web site for a complete overview of the NYU School of Law Laptop Requirements.
  • Install Exam4 Software. All students must download and install the current version of Exam4.
  • Obtain your University Student ID Number from the back of your NYU ID Card.

  • Obtain your Law School four-digit exam number for Fall 2018 from ExamReporter. Please note each semester you are assigned a different 4-digit exam number. Do not use your exam number from a prior semester.

  • Earplugs: You may find it useful to use earplugs to lessen the typing noise or the possible construction noise in the area. Earplugs may be purchased at the NYU Professional Bookstore and pharmacies. Please note that the use of headphones, earphones or other devices (other than basic earplugs) is prohibited.

Good luck with exams!!!

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