Dropping a Course after the COURSES System Closes for a Particular Semester

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After 9:30 a.m. on January 26, you can request to drop classes (or ONLY add Directed Research, Writing Credit, or Non-Law Classes that have not yet begun).
Please use the Law Registrar’s Service Desk to submit a request for an Add or Drop.

You will be asked to provide:

Student Name
Semester you are adding or dropping course(s) Spring 2023 or earlier semesters
Course Title, Course Number and Section
Course Professor

  • Note: If faculty name is not available in the drop-down menu please use TBA professor and note faculty name in the description box.

Course Credit
Total credits for the semester after you add/drop course(s).

If you have multiple classes in a semester, please include all the classes in one request.  However, if you have classes from separate semesters, please submit a separate request for each semester.

For courses requiring permission to drop (i.e. a seminar), please attach the email from the professor giving you permission to drop; the attach button is right after the description field.

Please also fill out the name and email fields as this will automatically assign this request to you and you can track the progress of your request.


Please see the Subsequent Registration Cycle webpage for further details.

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