3L JD Degree Requirements Progress Review for Graduation

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In preparation for May 2019 graduation, we strongly advise that you take a moment to review your academic record to make sure that you are on track to graduate. You are responsible for making sure you are in compliance with all the graduation requirements.

Four Steps To Confirm You Are On Track For Graduation:

  1. Degree Progress Report:
    The program is available via Albert and will assist you with counting adjunct and non-classroom credits, determining what requirements have been completed and/or remain to be completed.  If you have taken non-law courses, the Degree Progress Report displays the non-law school credit listing and does not reflect the number of non-law credits that count towards the JD degree. You must check your transcript for the correct credit allocation for non-law classes.  You must adjust for this in your calculation.Please see the instructions on how to generate a Degree Progress Report and obtain other important Degree Progress Report information.Finally, please keep in mind that the Degree Progress Report will be approximately three hours behind the release of COURSES results. So, if COURSES results are released at 1:30 pm, The Degree Progress Report may not contain the most accurate information until 4:30 pm that day.
  2. Degree Progress Report Questions:
    If after reviewing your Degree Progress Report you have questions please email us at law.acadservices@nyu.edu or call us at 212-998-6020. If you would like to speak with a counselor from Academic Services please contact by email or phone to make an appointment.
  3. Review the Requirements for the Juris Doctor Degree:
    You must complete at least 83 credits (which includes the required courses of Property, Constitutional Law, Professional Responsibility, Substantial Writing and Experiential Learning). Please refer to the Academic Policies Guide.
  4. Bar Exams:
    Please read the National Conference of Bar Examiners Comprehensive Guide to Bar Admission Requirements for details on the bar requirements for your jurisdiction.

Please also review our Timeline for the New York State Bar Exam for important information and deadlines concerning applying to take the bar exam.

Have a wonderful fall semester!

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