1L Fall 2019 Examination Schedule

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As we look forward to the Thanksgiving holiday and break, we also are approaching the fall 2019 exam period. The exam period for this semester begins on Monday, December 9 and ends on Thursday, December 19.

First-year students have December 9-10 as reading days. For your first semester of Law School exams, we are providing you with the first-year exam schedules arranged by section. In future semesters, you should refer to the Exam Information and Schedules web page to determine your exam schedule. Once you select in-class or take-home exams, you can then select “Show First-`Year Only.”

Please note that the exam type (in-class or take-home) has been determined by your faculty member and should be included in the course description which is available to you online.  In order to view course descriptions, go to the Course Descriptions web page, type in the title of the desired course, select the instructor from the drop down menu, and select the fall 2019 semester.

Please see the Exam Information and Schedules web page for information on academic policies relating to exams.

All exams begin at the time stated in the exam schedule. For in-class exams, please arrive fifteen to twenty minutes early, so that you can set up and receive exam materials from proctors.

All law school exams are typed. You may not handwrite an exam. You may use a Mac or a PC for both your in-class and take-home exams.

All law school exams are blind graded. Therefore:

1)   Do not have any discussion with your faculty member that would compromise your anonymity.

2)   Do not discuss exam requests with your faculty member.

For example, do not inform a faculty member that you are having surgery and that you will be taking the exam at a later date.  If you require assistance, please contact the Office of Academic Services, and not your faculty member.

EXAMINATION NUMBER:You must obtain your examination number from ExamReporter. Use your NetID and password to gain access. You will need this number to take your final exams; it is not available from the Office of Records & Registration staff.

You are advised to obtain your examination number well before your first exam. Computer terminals are available in the Law Library, D’Agostino Hall, Sexton Student Forum Room and the Records Office. Remember that your examination number changes every semester and you may not substitute your ID number for the examination number on your examinations.

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