Google’s Transparency Report

A recent Guardian (UK: article discusses a recent Google transparency report in which google discloses the numbers of government requests for data. Of the 8438 requests (from 6/12-12/12), 68% were made through ECPA supoenas (which don’t require a judge’s approval), 22% were made through ECPA search warrants (which do), and the final 10% were through ECPA by judges. The article states that google complied with 90% of these.

Google’s transparency report:

For one discussion of the challenges of ECPA, see Pell, Stephanie K. and Soghoian, Christopher, Can You See Me Now?: Toward Reasonable Standards for Law Enforcement Access to Location Data that Congress Could Enact (April 21, 2012). Berkeley Technology Law Journal, Vol. 27, p. 117, 2012.


Update: Twitter is also choosing to self-disclose its government requests, according to PCMAG (,2817,2414784,00.asp). See: Perhaps this is the beginning of a new movement is self-regulation and disclosure. Now if only firms would choose to disclose, for instance, the number of times they collected, mined, and shared our data.