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Stepping on the Gas

Only four years after being elected the youngest mayor of Charlotte, NC—a part-time position—Anthony Foxx ’96 was unanimously confirmed by the Senate to be US Secretary...

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The People

Ronald Dworkin, 1931-2013

I first met Ronald Dworkin 45 years ago in the bar of one of those faceless, interchangeable hotels where conventions of the American Philosophical Association always...

All of The People

Arguments and Opinions

Embracing the Value of Doubt

In Islamic law, the strength and validity of legal rulings were based on texts that Muslims believe to be of divine origin, and therefore absolute. But upon closer scrutiny of how...

All of Arguments and Opinions


A Bold Lawyer, a Visionary CEO

When Herbert Kelleher ’56, the charismatic founder of Southwest Airlines, sat down on February 28 for an intimate lunchtime conversation with students in the Snow Dining...

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