Dylan Glazier LLM '16

If you have a passion for law school, and you want to work on an international scale, an LLM can bring with it only advantages.

Ajani Husbands '17

In a student organization, you have an opportunity to craft programs that expose students to real-world practitioners in law, policy, grassroots activism, and a host of other areas.

Jessica Wilkins '16

It might come as a surprise that the New York Bar Exam soon will not exist anymore.

Carter Nelson '16

Being a student at NYU Law has given me the opportunity to participate in the national discussion about police and criminal justice reform in some unique ways.

Selina Grün LLM '16

Nobody likes to fail. Drawing from my experiences during the past six weeks of classes at NYU, I can wholeheartedly admit that I have failed.

Katherine DuBois '18

Hello, October. You sneaked up on us quickly, and as you snowball your way into November, you have picked up quite a few frenzied 1Ls.

Ameneh Bordi '16

I thought I’d share some of the tips I’ve been giving younger students on how to choose a law firm.

José Luis Lucena Rebollo LLM '16

Do you want to thrive as an attorney in the field of M&A, restructuring, securities markets, or finance? If so, this post is for you.

Alec Webley '16

Noodles have played at least as great a role in NYU Law’s success as any person or thing has in the last century.

Jessica Wilkins '16

You could hang around the city in late summer and wait for your journal orientation to start, visit your family, or catch up on all those fiction books you’ve been wanting to get around to. These are all fantastic options, but I’m going to encourage you to get out of not only the city, but also the country, while you still can.

Jonathan Levin '17

My summer included an internship working with the Secretariat at The Hague Conference on Private International Law, and a chance to explore five countries in less than three months.

Selina Grün LLM '16

Summing up our first weeks as LLMs at NYU Law.

Jonathan Levin '17

Is there any real difference between an art student sketching at the Met and “sketching” into a 3D printing system?

Jessica Wilkins '16

New York spring is like a storybook. Snow was literally melting all around me, tulips are now blooming, and the air is getting warmer every day.

Guest Blogger

My trip to Cuba felt almost surreal.

Emma Trotter '16

The Note is kind of like an honors thesis for law students, except everyone has to do it.

Guest Blogger

Spring break beachgoers brought home tans, but Moot Court brought home the gold!

Russell Rennie '17

I must’ve walked past the chandelier in the lobby of Vanderbilt a hundred times before I looked at it properly.

Ameneh Bordi '16

The Alternative Spring Break trip to Alaska was an awesome public service opportunity for someone who is interested in social and economic justice.

Jonathan Levin '17

I don’t know quite how to describe what I imagined when I envisioned what a Supreme Court justice would look or sound like.

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