There are certain things about the New York University School of Law that everyone knows. Anyone can attest to the fusion of modern sophistication and historic charm that is characteristic of the Law School’s two main buildings. I’m sure we are all too familiar with the small but inviting courtyard in front of Vanderbilt that dutifully welcomes students, faculty members, and guests. And we know, once inside, we will be greeted by a security guard and have to flash an ID to get into the building. I can also only assume that by now most 1Ls have found the library and the school’s two cafés. These are just things people know. But beyond these, there are other features of the school that it might takes a while to learn about or discover. This post is dedicated to exposing the Law School’s “hidden treasures.”

Library Underpass

This is one of the first things I discovered about the Law School, but I will continue to tell you about it in the unfortunate event that any of you have missed this awesome feature.  If you go in through the library entrance in Vanderbilt Hall, you can go down the stairs to the second level and take the underpass through to the Furman Basement (C level), and vice versa. This comes in so handy when it’s raining or snowing, or when you’re just looking for a more direct route.

Furman 3rd Floor Lounge

Not very many 1Ls venture to the third floor of Furman Hall. When you do, it might end up being for your first exam. But it’s worth the hike for the several well-lit leather chairs with tables, overlooking the second floor study area. It is always very quiet and never full, and I’d say the view could be worse.

Back-of-Classroom Doors

Late to class, and you don’t feel like walking by the professor to get to your back-row seat? There are doors leading from the locker rooms to the back of the classroom on at least one side of each major 1L classroom. It might seem obvious, but many of us were in shock when we found out. Didn’t know? Well, now you do.

Side Stairwells

As a 1L, it took me several weeks longer than it should have to realize that there is a better way of getting to or leaving class than the central staircase. Granted, it is the more scenic route and all of your friends are going this way, but if you’re more about convenience, then listen closely. Before each wing on either side of the building, there is a set of stairs that can get you to and from class in a matter of 30 seconds. Rather than wait five minutes to crawl down the crowded central staircase, you could already be on your merry way back to Mercer. Try this next time….

More Printing Options Than First Floor of Library

If you’re in a hurry to get to class in Furman Hall, and you happened to have forgotten to print out that Lawyering assignment, do not fret. You will be fine. There is a four-computer station and printer located on the second floor of Furman. (This is directed to the very small percentage of you who might not have encountered it on your way to class—i.e., you take the elevator like I did.)

Also, you might try checking out the second level of the Law Library for a dozen typically available computers and four other printers. This is generally more convenient, I think, because fewer students are trying to print than you’d find on the first floor, meaning more available computer stations/printers. See below for one other secret printing spot you might not have been aware of.


Library Carrels

You can literally find these things anywhere. On my hunt for hidden treasures, I actually came across so many neat study spots that I had no idea were even there. Of course, no one would speak to me if I revealed them all, but just know that if you walk around the library you will see more of these carrels than you ever thought existed. This cluster of desks is located on the level just before the bottom floor and just beneath the Furman underpass—all the way to the left wing of the library if you are walking down the stairs.

Various Mercer Secrets

7th Floor Terrace, Study Rooms, and Computer Lab

These are by far some of Mercer’s best features.  The terrace is a great place to relax on a nice night or hang out before bar review. Plus, the study rooms are perfect for group study sessions, and they even have chalkboards. Head on up there and see for yourself.

Mercer Basement, Vending Machines, and Pinball

Mercer Basement is also pretty neat. The basement hangout area is equipped with a small kitchenette, a couch, and some bar stools. If you get bored or hungry, just around the corner there are a number of arcade games and several vending machines for snacks and sodas.

Filtered Water Fountains

The title says it all. You all may know of the filtered fountain down the hall to your right when you get to the top of the central staircase. But from what I’ve seen, you have to get there quickly after class because there always seems to be a line. This particular fountain (pictured to the right) is located in the locker area in the lounge right beneath the front stairs. You’re welcome.

Computers, Printers, and ATM in Downstairs Lounge

Need to print something while you’re down at the filtered fountain? Look something up online? Pull out cash from your loan money? You’re in luck, because right back in the lounge off to the right, you will find all three of these things.

P.S. There is a Refrigerator

Perhaps you wanted to drop off your lunch. You can do that—because there is a fridge down there! Who knew?! I definitely did not for a good few months, and now you know early on.

So now you know the secrets.  Just be glad it took you only a few weeks to learn instead of several months….

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