Category: Studying Abroad

Katherine Erickson '15

La Catedral

“I speak tango, I dance Spanish,” I murmured to myself—a spur-of-the-moment mantra I found oddly comforting throughout my tango lesson in Buenos Aires.

Annie Hillman '14

Learning to Live Like the Locals in Buenos Aires

Three months ago, I walked off the plane and started my law school adventure in Buenos Aires.

Kathleen Kaffer '15

Life in Shanghai

Time is flying by, and I am eager to continue to explore Shanghai and the neighboring areas. There is so much to see, it is never boring.

Harold Robinson '14

NYU Law’s French Connection

When I discovered that the Law School was beginning a new study-abroad program, the prospect of learning a foreign legal system excited me—and the prospect that it could take place in Paris probably excited me a bit more.

Kathleen Kaffer '15

Picturing Shanghai

When NYU announced it was creating the Shanghai study-abroad program, I knew that I had to go as soon as possible, and was lucky to be admitted as a 2L.

Annie Hillman '14

Greetings from Buenos Aires

I chose to apply to study abroad in Buenos Aires because the courses available offered a perfect mix of public interest, government, and private-sector topics, and because I wanted to improve my rusty Spanish while living somewhere I had never been.