International Environmental Law Clinic

The International Environmental Law Clinic, taught by Professors Richard Stewart and Bryce Rudyk, provides legal and technical assistance on issues of international environmental law to a wide variety of clients, including developing countries, UN and other international organizations, and environmental groups abroad and in the US.

Bradley Schliesmann ’14 and  Matthew Bartlett ’14 worked with Mark Jariabka ’02, the executive director of Islands First, a New York based NGO that provides legal, technical and policy assistance to the U.N. missions of the Pacific small island developing states. When developed countries come to the climate negotiations with teams of hundreds, these small island states often simply have a small team and their local ambassador to negotiate for them. Brad and Matt prepared briefing documents on elements of the new climate change treaty that is supposed to be negotiated this year.

In recent years, other clinic students worked on memos for climate change litigation from sea level rise, on the operation of consensus under the UNFCCC, marine resources issues for the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Palau, toxic chemicals regulation in developing countries, litigation against illegal timber imports to the U.S. by the NRDC, and on water and maritime issues in Spain and Israel for local environmental groups.