Dale Jamieson

Affiliated Professor of Law Dale Jamieson recently published two papers: “Ethics, Energy, and the Transformation of Nature,” in The Ethics of Global Climate Change (Cambridge University Press, 2011), and “The Nature of the Problem,” forthcoming in The Oxford Handbook of Climate Change and Society (Oxford University Press). His book, Ethics and the Environment: An Introduction, was published in Portuguese translation as Ética e Meio Ambiente – uma Introdução (Editora Senac), and is forthcoming in Chinese.  He also continues to work on a book, tentatively titled, Reason in a Dark Time:  Ethics and Politics in a Greenhouse World. The early results of his NSF supported project with Professor Michael Oppenheimer and Naomi Oreskes on Assessing Assessments: A Historical and Philosophical Study of Scientific Assessments for Environmental Policy in the Late 20th Century will be presented at the meetings of the American Society for the Advancement of Science early next year.  He has recently given lectures on geoengineering as a response to climate change at the College of the Environment Institute, University of Washington, and the Environmental Norms, Institutions, and Policy: Blokker Research Workshop at the Stanford Humanities Center,

In addition he gave keynote addresses at the IPCC Expert Meeting on Economic Analysis, Costing Methods, and Ethics in Lima, Peru, and at the Rocky Mountain Ethics Congress in Boulder, Colorado.  He also gave the Kenneth V. Santagata Memorial Lecture at Bowdoin College, and the Henry West Lecture at Macalester College.  He also lectured at UCLA, the Boston University Center for History and Philosophy of Science, the American Philosophical Association, and LUISS University and La Sapienza University both in Rome, and participated in the University of Colorado Law School and Duke University School of Law, Climate Change Law and Policy, Works in Progress Symposium in Boulder, CO.