Final Exam Reminders from ITS

We’d like to take this opportunity to give you some final reminders regarding in-class exams before they begin on Monday.

Make sure all of your operating system updates are installed before your first exam. It is recommended to restart your computer before each exam.
Remember your power cord (and your laptop).

Even if you did not meet the compliance deadline, we would still like you to take the practice exam. We want you to be able to ensure Exam4 is running properly on your computer and that you are familiar with the software. You can take the Practice Exam more than once. If you have an exam with multiple choice or word counts, you can explore those tools prior to your exam.

If you need support during exams, please visit us in the ITS Command Center, Van Hall, 202. The Command Center will be open one hour prior to the first scheduled exam and close thirty minutes after the last scheduled exam of the day.

Best of luck on your exams!

ITS Helpdesk

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