Third Annual National Sports Law Negotiation Competition & Sports Law Conference 2013

Description: The National Sports Law Negotiation Competition (“NSLNC”) is an annual competition and sports law conference hosted by Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego, California.  The NSLNC Board consists of five sports and academic professionals and one director who make the organizational decisions for the yearly competition and conference. The NSLNC Board, students of Thomas Jefferson School of Law, and the Center for Sports Law & Policy, are instrumental in making the NSLNC progress forward every year benefiting the sports law community.

The NSLNC was created by sports and academic professionals with the needs and wants of the law student in mind as they enter and succeed in the legal world. The NSLNC’s purpose is to give back to law students a great experience, competition, and place to meet like minds in the sports law world. Our mission is to provide the sports profession with a body of able and ready legal minds, through the negotiation and training of law students with the use of real-life issues affecting athletes, sports franchises, teams, like businesses and entities.

The competition focuses on current issues in the sports world each year and facilitates students, coaches and judges to negotiate and make decisions on these sports topics in an academic setting. The fact patterns allow students to focus on more than one area of sports law, including: contract negotiation, trading of players, salary demands, endorsement contracts, athlete and sports professionals family and personal issues, and intellectual property among others.

It is our hope that you enjoy the yearly competition weekend, which includes a sports law conference, San Diego Padres game in private suites, the competition, and of course meeting future lawyers, agents and current sports professionals and judicial officers from across this great Country and the World in America’s finest city, San Diego, California. Thank you.

Application Deadline: Law schools are limited to signing up one team of two competitors through June 1, 2013.


For eligibility, rules, and contact information, please visit the source:

Please visit the NSLNC website for additional information: or contact us at the information provided below.


The NSLNC Board

NSLNC 2013–September 20-22, 2013

Thomas Jefferson School of Law

San Diego, CA

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