Office of Student Affairs Confidential Tutoring: Requesting a Tutor

- Are you frustrated with your academic performance?

-Do you think your grades don’t accurately reflect your abilities?

-Have you received at least two B- grades or lower?

-If so, our tutoring program may be able to assist you.

The Office of Student Affairs will attempt to match eligible students requesting tutors with their peers who have excelled in a particular class. Tutors work with students 2-3 hours per week with the understanding that this is a confidential service. There is no charge to students requesting tutoring services.

Please note: because we rely on student volunteers to act as tutors, we may not be able to assign a tutor in every case, but we will make every effort to do so. Requests for tutors in more advanced classes can be difficult to fulfill. If a tutor is not available, we encourage you to speak with your professor and his or her teaching assistant about your specific difficulties.

To apply for tutoring*, please send the following information to

(1) Your Name

(2) Your Class (1L, 2L, 3L, LL.M.)

(3) Your Phone Number

(4) Your NYU NetID

(5) Your NYU N-number

(6) List up to two classes for which you want a tutor(s). For each course include the name of your instructor and the course/section number.

If you have any questions regarding the tutoring program please email the Office of Student Affairs, at or call 212-998-6658.


*The deadline to request a tutor for the Fall 2013 semester is Friday, November 15, 2013.



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