Summer Job Search FAQ for 1L Students

Dear 1L’s,

We know that this can be a stressful time of year, and we are hearing some common questions from your class and want to share the FAQ’s with you:

1. Should I be working on my job search now?

No. With the exception of a VERY few jobs that we enumerated at the 1L meeting (some impact, some prosecution, and any in the city in which you will spend break), you do not have to be working on your summer job search yet! We encourage you to focus on finals and not worry about the job search until winter break. It is 100% fine to start your 1L summer job search in January.

2. When should I start my job search?

We suggest that you start your job search shortly after the New Year.

3. What concrete steps should I take once I start?

Over winter break, we suggest that you do the following:

(a) Read some PILC intern reports, and make a list of 5-10 organizations that you would like to apply to.
(b) Revise your resume and make sure that it is in NYU format.
(c) Write some targeted cover letters to your organizations.
(d) Send applications – through the PILC Fair website if the employer is attending the Fair, or directly, according to the directions on the employer’s website or in intern reports.

4. Do I have to meet with a PILC counselor?

No. You are welcomed to come meet with one of us if you have questions, but there is no need to meet with a counselor. You can apply to jobs without meeting with one of us, or come into the office during or after winter break.

5. So what should I do now?

The only things you should do now are to register online for the PILC Fair, and Summer Funding.

6. Will PILC counselors be working during winter break?

Yes, we will be in the office and happy to talk to you starting from January 3, so feel free to call 212-998-6686 if you would like a phone or in-person meeting.

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