EIW – Updated Government Employer List and June 30 Bidding Deadline

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The following government employers will be interviewing NYU Law students during Early Interview Week (EIW) at the DoubleTree Hotel in Times Square on Friday, August 15:

·         Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) (Washington, DC) – 2Ls
·         Federal Reserve Board (Washington, DC) – 2Ls, 3Ls
·         National Security Agency (Ft. Meade, MD) – 2Ls, 3Ls. *NOTE*: This employer will be pre-screening students based on their resumes and cover letters. In order to bid on the NSA, you are REQUIRED to upload both a resume and cover letter, and the NSA will select the students it would like to interview. Additionally, please carefully read the “Additional Requests” and “Hiring Criteria” sections on the OCI schedule page for this employer.

You will be able to access the OCI tab to view/bid on the EIW employers if your Summer Registration Form on CSM is complete and updated to reflect that you intend to participate in EIW. The deadline to submit employer bids and upload your resume to participate in EIW is Monday, June 30 at 6:00 p.m. EST.

If you have not completed your Summer Registration Form and you still plan to participate in EIW, please send an email to Cassandre Stump at cassandre.stump@nyu.edu as soon as possible. If you have previously completed the Summer Registration Form and either your summer employment status has changed, or you have changed your mind regarding participating in EIW, please log into CSM and update your Form accordingly. Additionally, please email cassandre.stump@nyu.edu to confirm that you now wish to participate in EIW. Instructions on how to complete the Summer Registration Form are provided at the bottom of this email for your convenience.

As a reminder, in order to submit bids and participate in EIW 2014, students who are interested in interviewing EXCLUSIVELY with public sector or government employers are required to:

•         COMPLETE OR UPDATE your Summer Registration Form to include your summer 2014 employment AND reflect the fact that you would like to participate in EIW 2014;
•         Complete your Summer Employment Critique or PILC Intern Report by July 18; and
•         Complete a mock interview session with a PILC counselor.

If you have any questions regarding interviewing with public sector or government employers during EIW, please contact Cassandre Stump (cassandre.stump@nyu.edu) or Jennifer Leibowitz (jennifer.leibowitz@nyu.edu).


To complete your Summer Registration Form:

1.  Go to the CSM homepage at https://law-nyu-csm.symplicity.com/students
2.  Upon successfully logging in, click the Profile top link  3.  Directly underneath My Profile, click Switch to Tab View for Additional Settings  4.  Then click the Summer Jobs/Activities Log tab  5.  Click Add New  6.  Complete the Summer Registration Form and click Submit