New Spring classes/Course updates

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ABRA will reopen on October 30 at 1:30 p.m. so that you will have the opportunity to change your spring schedule if you wish. You can find the full schedule of add/drop cycles in the Registration Calendar.


Note that some new classes have been added – you can find the list here. Spring Stern Preferential classes will soon be listed here.


For those interested in negotiation, note that the class Negotiating Complex Transactions will be offered in spring. The class description and schedule is now available online. This class does require a prerequisite, so if you’d like to bid on it please contact the professor to request to waive the prerequisite and submit a prerequisite waiver form to OGA.


If you would like to discuss your spring schedule, please contact OGA at to make an appointment with Barbara Landress or Lourdes Olvera-Marshall.