LL.M. Specialization Committees – Volunteers Needed

The Office of Graduate Affairs invites you to volunteer to serve on a Specialization Committee. There is one Committee for each LL.M. specialization which plans and sponsors events for specialization members. OGA has dedicated a budget for these activities. The program is designed to help students get to know colleagues with similar professional interests and to support student-initiated events relevant to you.

We are aware that there are many demands on your time. Committee membership does not need to entail a large time commitment.

Activities may be academic or social, and may include a panel on a particular topic, a brown bag lunch with faculty, a social gathering with specialization members, or a trip to a relevant institution (NY Stock Exchange, courts, the U.N., etc.) You may also wish to co-sponsor events in conjunction with another student group.

If you are interested in serving on a Specialization Committee, please send an email to law.graduateaffairs@nyu.edu. The deadline to be considered for the Committee is Friday, September 27. There will be an informational meeting for members on Friday October 4.

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