July 2014 Bar Exam Certification

Dear 3L & Full-time L.L.Ms:

The Office of Records and Registration is now accepting requests for bar exam certification for the July 2014 Bar Exam. A timely submission of bar exam certification paperwork is important to ensure that your certification is processed by the Bar Exam deadline (which varies by state).

New York State Bar

If you are planning to sit for the July 2014 Bar Exam in New York State, please complete the online application as soon as possible. After the application period closes, the NY Bar will send you a personalized Handwriting Sample with your BOLE ID and barcode by email. This form must be completed in the presence of a member of the Office of Records and Registration, 400 Furman Hall. You will also need to submit a NYU School of Law State Bar Request Form along with the handwriting sample.

JD Students

While completing the NY bar application you will be asked to answer questions based on the courses you took here at NYU School of Law. This information will be used to create your JD Certificate of Attendance. The Certificate of Attendance will be sent to the Office of Records and Registration for us to certify. Review of your Degree Progress Report, transcript and the attached instructions may be helpful in completing the certificate. Instructions on how to complete the certificate can be found here, http://www.nybarexam.org/forms/JDCertofAttendanceInstructions.pdf.

You will have to submit the NYU State Bar Request Form and Handwriting Sample directly to the office of Records and Registration.

LLM Students

LLM students who plan on taking the bar will have to submit a Handwriting Sample, NYU State Bar Request Form and the LLM Certificate of Attendance. The LLM Certificate of Attendance can be found here, http://www.nybarexam.org/Docs/LLMCertificateofAttendanceForm.pdf.

Other States

If you are planning to sit for the July 2014 Bar Exam in a state other than New York, please contact the office of bar admissions in the state in which you are applying for instructions on admission requirements. Any certification documents for other states to be completed by the Office of Records and Registration must be accompanied by an NYU State Bar Request Form.

All bar exam certification paperwork should be submitted to the Office of Records and Registration no later than May 30, 2014.





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