LLMs: Global Legal Skills Series (installment 2): Becoming an Effective Leader – Emotional Intelligence for Lawyers

Monday, February 3
12:25-1:50 p.m.
Furman Hall Room 210

RSVP appreciated (for food and material count) at ogastudentworkder@nyu.edu
Lunch will be provided

Vice Dean Jeannie Forrest will provide an overview and practical guidance on emotional intelligence (EQ) which involves the ability to perceive, evaluate, and manage emotions. An increasing number of employers are focusing on EQ in the workplace. Don’t miss this workshop!

Students that attend 4 out of the 5 installments will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Upcoming GLS sessions:
Feb. 10 – Becoming an Effective Leader – Emotional Intelligence for Lawyers, Part II
Feb 24 – Why Do New Yorkers Always Seem Rude! – Understanding Cultural Competence
March 3 – Say What? Communicating Effectively as a Lawyer

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