Volunteers Needed for Law School Buddy Program for Fall Exchange Students!

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Volunteers Needed for Law School Buddy Program for Fall Exchange Students


The Hauser Global Law School Program is looking for JD volunteers for the Fall 2017 semester to serve as a “law school buddy” to new foreign exchange students.  For many of the foreign exchange students, this is their first time in New York and the United States.  Ideally, buddies can provide advice about law school life, classes, and NYC to the foreign exchange students.


To encourage interaction, we offer an allowance of $20 to help subsidize an initial get-together over coffee, etc between a foreign exchange student and each buddy.  This is a great opportunity for JD students to get to know other foreign law school students and get different perspectives on legal life!  You can also get access to first-hand experience in specific countries and universities with which the Law School may have exchange and study-abroad programs (and maybe even practice your foreign language skills).


This year, we have exchange students from the following countries:



If interested, please contact law.globalvisitors@nyu.edu with your name, year, and region/language interest, and we will be happy to provide more details.


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