PRO-Classmates: A Program to Reallocate your job Offers!

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Did you decline any private sector summer or post-graduate job offers this week? Reallocate it to one of your classmates!! Private sector job offers you decline become additional employment opportunities for other students, so please complete this form this week and we will share these jobs leads with your classmates. We will also reward YOU with a FREE movie ticket for each private sector offer that you have recently turned down and referred to us!


To contribute to the Program to Reallocate Offers to your Classmates (PRO-Classmates!), please complete this form.


Thank you for participating in PRO-Classmates — one of the most effective ways to assist your NYU classmates!  We will contact you regarding plans to pick up your movie ticket. Please note offers declined before February 12 do not qualify.


A list of potential open private sector positions submitted for PRO-Classmates is below:


  1. Davis & Gilbert (OCI Employer): 1L Summer
  2. NYU General Counsel (OCI Employer):  1L Summer
  3. Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings (archived CSM ID #456984): 2L Summer
  4. US Social Security Administration; Office of the General Counsel (OCI Employer): 1L & 2L Summer

For On Campus Employers, the contact information for firms can be obtained from the NALP Directory (; for non-NALP employers, contact Dayana Soler at

For CSM job postings, please refer to the job posting number indicated.

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