Results for ABRA Bidding Cycle #1

The results of Bidding Cycle #1 will be available in ABRA beginning at 1:30 pm on Monday, July 22, 2013. To see both your fall and spring classes please log onto: Use your NetID and password to gain access. Click on the “Bidding Results” link. You will see green and red shading. Green shading indicates the courses you have won and red shading indicates the courses that you did not win.

Also beginning at 1:30 pm on Monday, July 22, you will be able to submit bids for Bidding Cycle #2. Please remember that Bidding Cycle #2 will end on Wednesday, July 24 at 9:30 a.m. Results for Bidding Cycle #2 will be available on Friday, July 26 at 1:30 pm. Please refer to the Registration Calendar for additional important dates.

Courses that closed in Bidding Cycle #1

For your convenience a list of closed classes and their clearing price will be posted at the following link:

Things to keep in mind

•   Primary and Alternate Bids Count:
You will be able to view the number of primary and alternate bids for courses in Bidding Cycle #1 during Bidding Cycle #2. 

•   Pre/Co-requisites:
If you won a class that requires a co- or prerequisite and you are not signed up for the same, you will have until the end of add/drop cycle #1—July 29 at 1:30 pm—to correct the problem. Students who have not remedied the problem will be dropped from the course without notice on August 5.

•     Lost Bids Notation:
When a student does not win a bid they may see the following notation “Lost one of X”. This means that “X” primary bids also lost this class. This number does not include the number of alternate bids that did not win the class.

•     Bids Carried Over from Bidding Cycle #1
If you lost both your primary and alternate bids for a particular point allocation, your primary and alternate bids for that point allocation are carried over to Bidding Cycle #2.

•     Substantial Writing and TA Registration – Students must self-register:
If you are eligible to register for a writing credit or you have been approved to be a faculty teaching assistant, you should bid zero points to add these courses to your schedule during add/drop. Students must be registered for the related seminar in order to register for the writing credit. If you exercised your substantial writing priority during bidding this does not enroll you in the writing credit. You must separately add the writing credit during add/drop.

•     Journal and Moot Court Registration:
Academic Services will be in contact with the Journals and Moot Court to obtain the names of 3L students that are approved to earn credit for their participation. Approved students will be registered by Records and Registration. 2L journal members are not eligible for credit.

•     Faculty Permission Only Classes:
Please follow the information stated in the course description regarding enrollment in permission of instructor courses. The professor will provide the Office of Records and Registration with a list of permitted students or the student may submit a permission of instructor form.  At that time, a waiver will be entered on your ABRA record and the Office of Records and Registration will notify you that you are able to register for the class. You are responsible for bidding zero points on the class, effectively registering yourself.

•     Year-Long Courses:
For year-long classes, please only bid for the fall portion of the class. We will register students for the spring portion of a year-long class on August 28, 2013 if they are enrolled in the fall portion.

•     Deadlines:
We strongly encourage students to make registration changes well before the deadline and during business hours to ensure that someone is available to assist you if encounter technical difficulties.  If you require such assistance, please contact your program office:

JDs – Office of Academic Services ( or 212-998-6020)
Non-tax LLMs – Office of Graduate Affairs ( or 212-998-6015)
Tax LLMs – Office of Graduate Tax ( or 212-998-6150.


Michelle L. Kirkland
Assistant Dean for Academic Services and Registration
New York University School of Law

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