Reminder: Friday, December 6 – Deadline to Drop a Course without a WD

Friday, December 6 by 4:45 pm is the deadline to drop a course without a WD.

Please keep in mind:

A. All drop forms must be submitted by 4:45 pm to your program office (JDs: the Office of Academic Services, Suite 400, Furman Hall; LLMs: the Office of Graduate Affairs, Suite 340, Furman Hall).

B. If you fall below 12 credits when dropping a course, you must complete a Credit Load Permission Form to Increase/Decrease Credits which is available online and in your program office.

Note to JDs: 3Ls may register for 10 or 11 credits if on track to graduate with permission of this office. 2Ls may only drop below 12 credits due to extenuating circumstances (i.e., health, family-care responsibilities or other unusual cases of personal hardship).

Note to LLMs: Please be aware that in order to be enrolled as a full-time student at the Law School, you must be registered in fall for at least 10 credits of classes that count toward the LL.M. degree (you need 24 credits in fall and spring to earn the LL.M. degree).

C. If you plan on dropping a seminar, colloquium, writing credit or simulation course, you are required to obtain the signature of the professor before submitting the drop form by the stated deadline.

D. If you have taken a mid-term exam or other work has been evaluated in the course, you are not permitted to drop the course. If you have taken a course with an early end date (October or November), you are not permitted to drop the course.

E. If you decide to drop your only course in which you are registered for this semester, a WD will be placed on the record. A “WD” designation means that the course was dropped. We are required to place this notation for auditing and accounting purposes, we need to account for the tuition paid for the course.

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