May 6: Deadline to Drop a Spring 2014 Class

The deadline for upper-year students to drop a spring 2014 class is 4:45 pm on Tuesday, May 6, 2014. Important items:

  • Submit add/drop form to your program office by the deadline.
  • Dropping to below 12 credits (full-time students)? Complete the Permission to Increase/Decrease Credit Load Form.
  • Dropping a seminar, colloquium, simulation course or writing credit? Obtain professor’s permission.
  • Did you take a mid-term? You may not drop the class.
  • Did the class end after the first 7 weeks of the semester? You may not drop the class.
  • Dropping your only spring 2014 class? A”WD” will appear on your transcript.

For more information, please contact your program office.

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